Day 2

It took us awhile to pack for 42 days on the road, but we managed – starting only 90 minutes after our originally planned ETD. 
​We drove through the beautiful Truckee National Forest to spend the night with Maggie’s friend, Carol, in her lovely home outside Truckee. It was our luxury home stay before roughing it camping tonight in Death Valley National Park. After being treated to a wonderful dinner, we retired to our bedrooms, with an incredible view of the evening (& morning) sun.  In the morning Carol treated us to playing the theme music to ‘Outlander’ on her cello, which she has been learning in the past several years. ❤️

One thought on “Day 2

  1. Looks like road trip fun started right out of the shoot! And I love Bear McCreary’s music. His Outlander soundtracks are frequently playing during my road trips… my “scenic” driving music. Have a blast!!


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