Day 2 & 3 (again)

Apparently I did NOT lose my Day 2 post – it just popped up, so it is below…

After a lovely stay at Maggie’s friend Carol’s house outside Truckee, where we were treated to five star hospitality and Carol playing the theme to ‘Outlander’ on her cello.

After a stunning journey over the Sierras, we arrived to set up camp in Death Valley National Park, just before sunset.


Last night we camped at the Eureka Dunes area in the north part of Death Valley. Beautiful stillness and contrast of the wild desert and big sky. Note to self – if one decides to hike on the dunes in the morning, make sure you break down your tent before 11 AM when the wind starts to blow!

Another night in the park tonight before really exploring the main parts of the park tomorrow!

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