Pre-Trip Musings

Our theme music for our journey:

Terry and Maggie (Thelma and Louise – NOT!) are embarking on a road trip from ‘The Redwood Forests to the Gulf Stream Waters’, as immortalized in that great Woody Guthrie song, but in the spirit with which Sharon Jones sang it, God rest her soul! But rather than This Land Being My Land, or Your Land – we are in search of the Land that is OUR Land – that belongs to all of us, regardless of color, gender, age or creed. We’ll be sharing our thoughts and images of the people, places, and culture (food, music, art) that we will be taking in along the way…

We’ll be traveling through 7 of 11 North American ‘Nations’, according to Colin Woodworth’s analysis of 11 distinct cultural regions of the US –  from The Left Coast, through the Far West, then El Norte, Greater Appalachia, on to the Deep South, and New France, then up to the Midlands, and back home again.

Photo credit to Rebecca Stauffer, who jumped us ahead to the desert through some creative photoshopping. She recently interviewed us for her ‘blook’, The Way of Collage, for her series on Leap, Play, Love . Maggie and Terry are prepping for the spirit of the West by donning their cowgirl hats because it’s all about the attitude, Girlfriends!

terry maggie

Drop us a line, and give us a shout about ‘don’t-miss-this’ sights, eateries, and music on our journey.

4 thoughts on “Pre-Trip Musings

  1. Thanks for sharing your leap play love pre-trip musings on Rebecca’s bloog. Happy trails!! I never ceased to be amazed by the diversity and beauty of this country each time we crisscrossed the country: the people, the local cultures, the menus, the grocery store items, the wildlife, the plants, even the roadkills LOL, and the geology. Omigosh thinking about coming west again, rolling across those highways through rolling mountains, big cities, and flat plains for days and then all of a sudden on the other side of the river and we’re in the foothills rising toward the Rockies and space! Brings me to tears. And I couldn’t help but look back in amazement for a last look at the flat farmlands behind. I wondered how those people in the covered wagons did it, and what were they thinking. Oops sorry for being so wordy. Enough of this.


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