Meet Maggie…  (Terry’s introduction below…)
“New landscapes, exotic sounds, smells, and tastes are pure delight for a Sagittarius like me.

But what creates a truly lasting impression when traveling to a new place, has always been the people I meet.

I love seeing the different ways in which we’ve adapted to our local environments, creating our own languages and cuisine, establishing systems of trade and governance, forming questions about the great unknown.
Hearing a person’s life stories, appreciating the breadth of experience that has brought them to this moment, and discovering our many shared experiences – creates a feeling that connects us.
Those are moments I seek, and when they happen, a little miracle takes place and we find ourselves standing together on common ground….”

Canvassing in Florida, 2012

Mia, Bo and me at Christmas



21st century Bedouin

Coffee drying racks in Yirgacheffe

Mia and me in Lalibela

Meet Terry …  

After nearly 50 years of employed life, I am in my first year of exploring the territory of The Third Age, and rediscovering who I am as a person who can choose what to focus on and activities to engage in that are solely my choice, and where my path leads next. Hence this road trip to the Deep South, through terrain familiar and not familiar, is also timely for me as a woman in these highly troubled and turbulent times. following on the heels of an election that left so many of us feel at odds with our fellow Americans.

After the whirlwind of organizing the Women’s March on Eureka in January, and since then, gathering and documenting stories from local women and men who participated in the Women’s Marches across the country, I want to have more conversations and story-reaping on our travels. I love traveling in rural places, whether in this country or abroad, and get to know the people, soaking in and partaking of the local culture — the food, the natural beauty, the music, the art and the history — all intertwined. This will likely translate to dancing up a storm to roots and jazz music, and partaking of the finest of regional cuisine.

Like Maggie, I too am a Sagittarian, and I believe we will be kindred spirits in our journey. I am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends, and making new friends, and immersing myself in the beautiful lands of this country – from the mountains and the desert, to dwellings of the Ancients, and the swamps and bayous of the South. This Land was made for You and Me.


With Eureka Women’s March co-organizers Margery, Rebecca & Julie


With daughter Brooke in Mendocino wine country


With son Robin & his sweetheart Naomi, and my BF Chris on Maui.


Mom and I meet Jake Shimabukuro – live music & playing ukulele two favorite pastimes.