Day 14: Archer City to Acadiana

Forgive me, Father, it has been a week since my last confession, er, post… Oh my, the events of our visit to a Catholic Church on Easter has gotten me confused. When we last left off, we had arrived in Archer City, where Larry McMurtrey grew up and now has 2 of 4 bookstores he formerly owned. How did we find Archer City? Just Google ‘cool little towns in Texas’ and of the plethora, Archer City was the one on our route. This hotel has been through 11 owners, but the last did a major remodel, and they are currently trying to make a go of writers workshops, particularly for young people. Miss Sarah Junek, was our hostess, who also directs the Young Writer Workshops, and she was busy running the lights for the play in the Royal Theater around the corner, which was the inspiration for McMurtrey’s ‘The Last Picture Show.’ Between marveling at the decor of the hotel, having a ‘breakfast bowl’ at Murn’s Cafe across the street, then shopping at the antique shop, Cobwebs, with its resident kitties, and spending time in one of McMurtrey’s bookstores, Maggie and I had a full morning before heading to Louisiana.

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McMurtrey auctioned off almost half of his books a few years back, with quite the pricey event (showed ‘The Last Picture Show’ in the Royal Theater, which did not make a favorable impression amongst some of the good Christian folk of the town, we heard. These photos do not even begin to capture the thousands of volumes in one of the bookstores (the garage is the bookstore ‘Annex’).

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Farewell to our one day in Texas, with its beautiful roadside wildflowers, and hello to Acadiana, arriving at the Cajun Cabin in Arnaudville at 11 pm, a sight for sore eyes!

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