Days 9-10: Abiquiu to the Chama Valley

After checking into the Abiquiu Inn, we had to catch sunset at the Ghost Ranch, where Georgia O’Keeffe lived and created so many of her masterpieces.

Chimney Rock at Ghost Ranch


The iconic Cerro Pedernal from the Ranch


Riding the currents at sunset

The next morning, we drove through Cuba and feasted on our first authentic Northern New Mexican meal, the Fiesta Platter for 2 – tamale, relent, adovada, pinto beans & rice, enchilada, taco & sopapillas! Topped with green chile of course!


Monday morning we followed the Chama River to the Christ in the Desert Monastery, and after walking the beautiful Stations of the Cross, we were just in time to hear the afternoon service of the monks chanting. Perhaps we knew we needed some absolution in advance of our trip to New Orleans?


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